Sunday, July 29, 2007

no way man!!!

navigate is over:[ Im SO SO SO SAD!!!! well idk how i did on todays final but it was so fun today!!!

anyways I was looking at my sisters myspace and she wrote this last night and posted it on there today

When the waves come crashing down
I take one foot out this old boat
And think I'm gonna drown

But You are holding out Your hand
And I can see Your face
With every step that I take forward
You feel farther away

This storm is way to big for me
And I can't walk these waters
One more step and I'm sure I'll die
I wish that I was stronger

I know I'm giong under
I can't seem to stay afloat
But Your arms pick me up
And place me back on my safe boat

You hug me tight but still
I see the sadness in Your smile
You say, " I guess you won't be
Steping back out, for a while

You could have walked those waters
The whole time, I was so near
You know I'm stronger then that storm
But whats stronger, Your faith or your fear?

idk y but i am totally in love with poem!!!! well im off c ya- jess-kuh

Saturday, July 28, 2007

finals tommorow

i am like so pumped for finals Sunday. the study guide looks easy but i cant under estimate the test because if it is had I'm in deep deep water.

today i went to my Nana's house and great aunt's house to go help them out and check on them, my Nana is like 95 and my aunt is like 64 so you know how it goes at a old persons house, you go in it smells the same every time she is and worried about the vacuum streaks on the carpet and they are watching an old john Wayne movie. well that's my Nana.


Ministry Project

For my ministry project, I interviewed/shadowed Crystal Tullos. As you know, her job is being a youth pastor! Plus some other things, like counseling, budgeting, finances, etc. The day was packed with meetings, Navigate stuff, and baby stuff to do. It was kind of crazy to say the least. I definitley have gained new respect for her after seeing everything that she does and learned that it's not all fun and games (like grading papers....ugh). A big thing that came to mind was that if you want to work in ministry, you'd better be dedicated.

-Victoria Kelly

Friday, July 27, 2007

well my post is kinda on the same lines as Chase's but much longer so bare with me. anywhoo i just wanted to say how grateful i am for everyone. For Mrs Shantell, Mrs Samantha, Karina, Pastor Crystal and Tyler; just everyone. this summer has done so much for me and i know y'all had to give up alot of time and effort but i just wanted to say it wasn't for nothing. I know without all of y'all i couldn't grow like have this summer. Because i have grown so much.

Crystal remember that talk you had with year 1 about how if only one thing we would this summer is respect then that would be OK. Well hope we all learned that and i am sorry i was guilty for not saying thank you for taking me on the MysteryTrip but i admire you for everything you do and even though you don't see the fruits of you labor they are there and each day you impact someones life so don't give in ever because your amazing. So thank you and i will miss everyone SO much. I wouldn't take this experience back for anything. I love y'all

how i will miss navigate

I have enjoyed navigate so much! i have learned so much. I can't wait till next year. i will be in year 2!!!! thank you so much Mrs. Chantelle, Mrs. Samatha, Crystal, Tyler, Korena, and HPC for letting me do navigate. I have grown so much in navigate. Friendships were made, grown at navigate! love yall so much.
PS i will not miss waking up at 7.oo in the morning

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Ministry Project!!!!!

For my ministry project I chose my mom, Dee Dee Rentz. She is an administrative assistant at Healing Place Church. She plans travel for Pastor Dino and DeLynn and also for the staff of HPC. She also works in the finance department helping with the entry of credit card charges and also the weekly offering count. It was fun and I learned that no matter how fun working at the church would be it is also still hard work.



i have been studying for finals on and off all day and victoria kelly was over... well she took some pics of me when i was "studying" hahaha i hope we do good!!!!!!!!!! in the first picture i had a bag over my head and a head band over it with a band aid ont the fore-head area and the second picture i have no earthly idea wat in the world i was doing... so long kids i am SO sad tomorrow is our last day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Jess-Kuh